Raw Cleanse to Tap into An Unimaginable Energy Source

With summer just starting in Australia, and the chaos of deadlines before being able to take a break it feels appropriate to remind everyone to look after themselves – I'm going to refresh and share why I went strict raw with my food, specifically raw, organic, plantbased wholefoods, wholefoods being food in its natural form, the closest way it has been presented to us by Nature, not processed. Processing food changes its natural chemical formula and how our own body accepts and digests those natural chemicals.

After running myself down from low sleep, doing too much, and eating what I thought was a relatively healthy diet, my body pulled the reigns and forced me to stop. I was so worn out, I spent four full days being bedridden, right before summer, in that much pain that even opening my eyes hurt – the frustration and boredom of being uncomfortable in the same exact spot for 96 long hours was enough to send me mad, and fuel the need for change in my life. My brother suggested strict raw, and I was at my tipping point so I listened and tried it out. Breaking habits was the hardest part, I had to really think about what I could eat. The speed at which I started to get better however was mind blowing, and even more gobsmacking was the new-found energy levels I had, the sensitivity to refined sugar and caffeine, which I used to consume even in small amounts on a daily basis was crazy, my body now told me what it did and didn't want. 14 days strict organic, raw, plant-based food was what turned my world upside down for the better. 

Other benefits included a strong surge in my senses, I felt my body differently, it felt incredible to move, to run and swim specifically, which I used to do to keep in shape, but which felt like a chore not a complete enjoyment. Now my body craved a good run, and it still does, there is a fire that comes alight when I run, to feel the wind on my skin, the grass or sand under my feet, it feels the same as a stretch after a long period of restricted movement.

Going raw also started opening me up to new found spiritual experiences, a world I never comprehended or even considered comprehending, I had made up my mind that spirituality was bogus and reserved for eccentric, slightly mad outcasts, based on movies having fed me those stereotype guidelines growing up. What I didn't know was that we are fuelled by energy, a cold shiver from a thought or conversation wasn't just something that happened for no reason, they are energetic feelings, that feeling when someone smiles to your face but you can feel their intention doesn't match their body language, that too is energy, it's a feeling another human being is giving off that you are reading through sensations not sight. Our bodies (and energies specifically) can make crystals move, and vice versa, all concepts that get played out to be crazy in mainstream media and films - also, did you know that computers, watches and even mobile phones are powered by quartz crystals?

At the time of this cleanse, I started to read Eckhart Tolle's book, A New Earth, and I had my first go at an online meditation by Neil Cooper where after a few of them I finally got the courage to raise my right hand and let spirit guides help heal me - with warm tingles following in the session, I now understood that something else beyond what we can see exists. Call me crazy, I don't mind, I am loving this new-found crazy world which is only crazy because NO ONE taught me about spirituality growing up, so it is a complete new world that I am discovering for myself, and it is fantastic. If you're at a turning point in your world or you need change because you're just surviving rather than thriving in life, my advice is this. Do a non-invasive cleanse of 14 days on raw organic plant-based food (this is a cleanse, raw food as a lifestyle does not work for everyone's body, but as a cleanse it is fantastic, it will help you cut free from food habits, food addictions that might be draining your energy, and it will start an energetic process in your body, which might be spiritual or simply your power source) ...and if you REALLY need some change, or need to eliminate stress and drama from your world I highly recommend reading Eckhart Tolle's book, A New Earth, your world will start to shift for the better.

The biggest challenge for a raw food cleanse is changing your habits, the energy and health benefits are out of this world.

The biggest challenge for a raw food cleanse is changing your habits, the energy and health benefits are out of this world.

Have a beautiful rest of the week, don't forget to slow down, we're working to live, not the other way around, take moments to breathe in Nature, make a meal from scratch, tell someone your honest truth without pride holding you back, and love without fear or conditions, they are all steps of inspiration, breath for the spirit, your energy source.

<3 SO much love, Sarah.