Why Cleanse?

If you're full of energy, eating well, and keeping active you may never find the need to cleanse. For others like myself who may have eaten a few too many preservative, or refined-sugar foods as a teenager (knowingly but unknowingly of the critical damage), or even simply just having had lots of fun enjoying alcohol and wheat products at recent social events, that were great but now need balancing out because they've effected my mood and energy levels, cleansing can be great. 

Starting the morning with fresh lime or lemon in purified water alkalises the body and kick starts digestion. It's a great morning habit to get into.

Starting the morning with fresh lime or lemon in purified water alkalises the body and kick starts digestion. It's a great morning habit to get into.

Cleansing is just like servicing a car, having a spring clean of your home, or like beautiful Mother Nature showed us this week in Sydney, having a massive down-poor. Cleansing assists the body to flush out toxins that may be causing havoc, whether something small like simply feeling bloated or lethargic, to something bigger like depression or physical obstructions. I find people don't question getting a car serviced, yet when it comes to human servicing (cleansing) there's an uproar. It goes against the social norm, and it probably goes against what their parents, and grandparents ever did who lived until 98 let's say, but as we know more and more chemicals are finding their way into our food and water supplies, and every human is different, some of us stress easier than others, some of us live in busy motor vehicle suburbs filled with chemical fumes in our every day air. So from one to the other balancing these out with non-chemical food, decent levels of sleep and down-time is vital – and then cleansing, for me personally this is ultimate. It can be looked at as sickness prevention, an energy-booster, or a way of gaining mental-clarity and focus, whichever view point makes you feel more comfortable of breaking the social norm and the general Western way of constant and over-consumption. 

Cleansing  seems to create an uproar - 'what do you mean you can't drink coffee today, what about a pizza? No? Nothing?!' /my answer now, no I can't go out for Western 'treats' but I can break this habit of routine and go for a coastal walk with you, watch a movie, or make either the best juice you've ever tasted, or a smoothie combo you've never heard of before - because my senses are literally dancing, the smell of my cocoa packet while cleansing is so intense, and even more satisfying than the feeling of actually drinking  or eating a cocoa treat while being too full, bloated, and the worst... gassy!

Cleansing has taught me so much about my own body, and especially my senses! It has made me think outside of the box for meals, and even activities, and it has got my body back to functioning how it was originally designed to – no sore tummies, no feeling tired after a meal, no bloating, and thank god no smelly gas.

Preparing your body for a cleanse, and coming off a cleanse are just as vital as the cleanse itself, don't just jump onto any cleanse without first introducing fresh whole foods (preferably organic) into your body and/or getting a health check up!