What Resets You?

A n x i e t y  is a word I hear frequently these days, having left my part-time job that guaranteed me a certain amount of plastic money each fortnight, I've finally understood what anxiety feels like. In saying that, I've also worked out that I HATE the feeling of anxiety, so working out ways that clear it for me, which also allows me to gain a positive perspective as opposed to a dark hole of doubt, trust in the universe and pretty much just let go of worry has been vital! Every time I manage to kick anxiety, and take in beautiful deep breaths of relief, it makes me let go, and I start to receive - in simpler words, magic happens. 

Recently my dad won a huge amount of money, in the most perfect scenario for him, doing what he enjoys the most and through a step by step competition procedure. This helped him pay off his mortgage which has been a big weight on his shoulders for the past three years, as he is nearing his ideal retirement age. Somehow him getting this sorted then also lifted a massive weight from my own shoulders, I stopped worrying for him, and I also realised that, although I worry about money it actually is not my main concern, if I had all the cash I could possibly wish for, I would most likely become lost on my life path, I'd also most likely lose my drive to create a successful business that I'm developing for myself, and others, I'd lose the passion to share health remedies that I've trialled, because I'd probably head off surfing for the entire day, or go fall asleep on a beach somewhere, and eat my way through as many raw veggie cafes as I could, if I didn't have to worry about where my living money was coming from. It made me also realise that I'm so passionate about sharing the knowledge and feeling of euphoria which going raw and partaking in certain cleanses has allowed me to experience. I've learnt and experienced that we are designed to have moments of euphoric feelings from nature, instead of from drugs and alcohol, which also leads me to believe that drug and alcohol companies already know this, and have found ways to mimic what nature offers, unfortunately with damaging side effects too. 

My current passions in life are 51raw, this holistic business that my brother and I are working on, which looks at sharing secrets of vitality that we have both been unlocking through study and experience, as well as my personal denim label, seiv, that produces pieces locally, and looks at ways to help reduce the chemical foot print of denim in our world, even through small measures of sourcing denim that gets dyed re-using the same dye and water. It also focuses on quality seam finishes that are the strongest and neatest solution, not the fastest and cheapest to produce. Summed up my passions are clothing that is designed to be worn in not worn out - and health education that lets you feel the wonders of a strong, energetic body, with euphoric sensations of our somewhat undervalued senses, and inspiration that vibrates through to your bones!


The three main things I have discovered that kick my anxiety, and keep me on these two passionate paths are: surfing, the ocean doesn't give me a moment to worry about the massive lists in my diary, it forces me into the now, not Monday or Wednesday, just now, it also shows me that I am vulnerable but also renewable. Bikram, makes me feel great about sweating out toxins through my skin, it helps clear up my skin, resets my digestive system, allows me to release anger in a way that I feel comfortable with, and not only warms up every inch of my body, but it also makes me feel different areas of my body through stretching. Thirdly, softsand, which is always a challenge, but also somewhat meditative and helps strengthen my eye sight by constantly using my eye muscles to look where I'm going in the sand in front of me, and out ahead at my finish point. These three activities combined with raw food literally make me high, without the use of synthetic drugs or alcohol. They kick anxiety for me, reset my digestive system and completely refuel my energy and motivation levels.

What do you do to clear anxiety, if you currently experience it, have you spent time working it out? Do you have a passion that you don't make enough time for? What are they? 

- Sarah

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