Monday can be a tricky day to fall back into focus, especially if you have enjoyed a fun and busy week-end, which makes re-grounding yourself a tough one.

I thoroughly enjoyed a quick ceremony of cleaning and preparing my oil burner with a few drops of the Améo determination blend, which consists of Mugwort oil, Cedarwood oil, Patchouli oil, Frankincense oil, Roman Chamomile oil, German Chamomile oil + Améo Fractionated Coconut oil, in order to help ground myself and promote focus and self-assurance with a busy, productive day of work, after a long morning of not being able to focus or settle into my work groove. I was thrilled when my flatmate came out and melted to the scent that was burning, only to be followed by a big smile and bounce in her step to get back to her research study.

Essential oils are an aid, they are not the complete solution, but they definitely assist us dramatically in achieving certain vibrations we would like to be on. Today's was focus and getting work done!

What do you do in order to ground yourself and focus your mind, after a week-end full of play?