Re-Learning How to Feel Our Own Bodies and The Energy of Our World


Yesterday I watched the sun go down while a group of people to my right were playing heavenly rhythmic tunes, which then turned into drumming, and gentle rattles, something (aka my spirit, energy) inside me resonated with the music, and it filled me with a feeling of euphoric bliss, that made me take a deep breath in and instantly relax on the out breath.

A group of people came and sat to my left, who cracked open beers and champagne and started chattering. I looked again to the group on my right with the music and observed that no one was drinking, yet everyone was interacting and connecting within the group, with big smiles, or calm content bliss, everyone appeared to be experiencing moments of pure joy, in both groups of people, the music makers and the alcohol consumers. 

Alcohol stimulates our senses, but it comes with a down that needs rebuilding to a neutral level once again, because of the toxicity it causes to the body. The strain it puts on our liver to flush it back out again is a workload in itself, and the energy needed for that lowers our overall immune system. Alcohol is a type of poison, just because it is legal does not mean that it is safe or serving to the well-being of humans, which can be thought provoking if you haven't looked at it in this light before. The more you feed your soul with the things you love, the more you learn to feel and stimulate your own emotions without the need for toxic stimulants.

My intention of this post is not to critise people who drink alcohol, I certainly go there sometimes, but the more I venture onto this whole foods path, and embrace energy (spirituality) the more I find I really do not need it. What I do need is to immerse myself in Nature, music + exercise, because they fuel my body, and give me the euphoric feeling that I used to look to alcohol for. Through experience I've learnt that we don't need these stimulants to feel the highs and euphoric feelings that our bodies are designed to feel. You can achieve the absolute same + even higher level of inspiration, fun and excitement by doing things that you intensely enjoy, and by spending time with like-minded people. If you find you rely on alcohol or drugs to get your high, then I would say something in your life needs changing, and that starts with realising what you do and do not love in life, without lying to yourself. Once you work that out, the next level of finding joy is crossing + connecting paths with people who love and value the same things as you, and experience moments and share ideas altogether. 

There is no need to fiercely hold onto people and things from your past that do not serve you in a positive way anymore (just be sure they are not serving you, and you are not running from your own emotions or frustrations). We are evolving beings. The only constant thing we have in this life is change, and as scary as it can be to enter into the unknown and embrace change, the most wonderful things always evolve from it.

Do the things you love, with a mindfulness to responsibility and a heart full of compassion.

Concepts only sound crazy when you don't hear them very often. Have a beautiful week everyone!