Energetically there is a lot going on right now. I do not intend to specifically get into the elections, but I’ll touch on it through concept and representation.


In saying that we are at a turning point to make conscious decisions based around what world we would like to live in and experience. If that is one of unity, acceptance, love, encouragement, playfulness, joy, did I say LOVE? Then lets be the example of those emotions, feelings, movements in our own every day life. There is no point stressing about anything we cannot control, but as a lot of us are learning through Universal Law and experience, we actually can control more than we have been taught we can, but rather that fight what we do not want, it is much much easier to simple feed what we do want. The control starts right in front of us, in our own backyard, in our own heart, in our own mind. Don’t believe me? Try this, grab a plant, water it as instructed, and on top of that give it affection, touch its leaves, tell it how beautiful it is, and watch it flourish!! Then let your life get so busy you forget to look at your plant, you might water it, but out of habit, rather than consciously, and watch it dwindle. Do the same to a child, or yourself and watch the same dwindle or flourish effect occur. Where attention goes, energy flows. I learnt this truth through transforming myself from the worst gardener I knew, to a loving plant enthusiast! I also backed up this knowledge by not focusing all of my attention on a sore stomach, relaxing, and then consciously becoming aware of it being relieved on its own. Practice makes perfect, try this concept out for yourself, once you experience it, you’ll not only believe it, but you’ll KNOW IT, and you’ll see how it works in every area of your life.


Things get surfaced for a reason, confrontation is inevitable, it is uncomfortable, but it is less dangerous than a silent killer. World War Three has been happening for years, it has been a silent war that is now having the veil pulled off through an awakening, and loud cry for help. A cry that has been heard, and is being helped. I feel it is important to ask that with the timing of this beautiful and powerful full moon to please focus your attention on what you what to experience, think about what inspires (gives breath to your spirit), rather than what scares you. By staying in our heart space, we not only keep ourselves centered, but we can hear (feel) our intuition. Let’s be the change this planet has been crying for, let’s release ALL THAT IS NO LONGER SERVING US FOR OUR HIGHEST GOOD, lets accept that every single being (even your family members) will be different, and that’s fine, lets learn to open our hearts and our minds, to co-create Heaven on Earth. Let us manifest abundance in all forms for every single being, starting from seeds of love, hope and trust.