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When you start uncovering what is actually in processed food, and finding out that 'healthy food' can also be misleading, it can be really overwhelming. Ultimate health is eating food as close as possible to the way Nature presents it to us. Processing, which is either refining or heating, changes the chemical compounds in the food, and therefore the chemical reaction that our body has to the food. In saying that whole health, is a whole-istic (holistic) approach which includes mind, body, and spirit. Our bodies are incredible, they are our vessel for this lifetime, they are our friend not enemy, if something is out of balance they will show us, hence why we get 'symptoms' which are signs/manifestations/expressions/warnings and so forth.

In saying that, our purpose here is to NOT STRESS anyone out, stress is the most toxic ingredient we can give to our bodies (and minds) which is sure to create an imbalance in health.

Our purpose with 51raw is to help share information about misconceptions, and ways to help ourselves and others thrive. Because when you are thriving life is wonderful, you start to flow like water, you unclog energy, and therefore feel more intense through all of your senses, which is beautiful! You have energy to bounce out of bed in the morning, the inspiration for life is there, especially movement which is a massive aspect of human fuel, eating right is one thing, but moving your body is another.

The more you know about how food and general lifestyle choices impact yourself, the more it becomes second nature, which releases any initial stress and/or confusing it may have placed upon you. If at any time being mindful of what you eat starts stressing you out, take a step back, move out of your current bubble and breathe.



Read and educate yourself, listen to other people who have either personal trialled what they are preaching, or who have found justified information that resonates with you, on the subject. Always use your own filter, take in what resonates with you personally, try out different ways of eating and moving, and ask yourself how do you feel? It is all about how you feel. A chocolate cake might add sweetness to your week, so if that makes you infinite in a moment of happiness, then enjoy that sweetness and let it fuel your world, raise your vibrations, and put a smile on your dial. Strive for vitality, but keep your everyday happy balance. If the chocolate cake is becoming a habit, especially an emotional reliance, then ask yourself how do you feel? Not energetic? Not happy? Make a change! This life is a gift, all of our emotions and all of our sensations, polarities included, so we can fully understand each single emotion and state of being - you get to choose which emotion and energetic level you spend the majority of your time in. So through the natural process of trial and error, work out which one it is and strive for that!

Have a beautiful week!!