I Release All That is No Longer Serving Me for My Highest Good.

It's not about being a vegan, vegetarian, or a meat eater. It's about being a conscious consumer, about striving for vitality through wholefoods, educating ourselves, understanding how the food industry works (it's constantly changing, just as laws and legislations do). With people becoming more and more disconnected from their bodies, and increase in dis-ease and depression, knowing the process of what/when/how behind what is on our plate has never been more crucial.

When you break away from your habits, eating for fuel becomes not only invigorating, but abundant with flavour. To rid yourself of any addictions or bad habit we recommend 14 days on raw organic, plant based food, because that is what worked for us, it changed turned our world upside then back upright again, for the better. We have both completed it, a couple groups of friends have completed it, as well as flatmates and family members, all experiencing the healing and life changing power of it. Removing habits that aren't serving your ability to thrive is both freeing and invigorating. The process, like anything new, was tough for the first few days, feeling hungry was common because it took time to readjust and see food/meal plans in a different way. Now a few years later, it is all second nature.

It has also become apparent over time that we love warming foods especially when the weather is cold, a good soup, broth or curry to warm us up. However we keep 51raw in mind, by adding elements of raw foods with their beautiful enzymes into each meal, could be a salad, some raw grated beetroot, herb and/or carrot on top of a soup or curry etc.

The point we believe that needs to be emphasised however, is to not be judgemental of others and their meal choices everyone is doing the best that they can for their own context, the urgency is on educating ourselves and each other about food industry misconceptions, and what works for you in order to thrive, to feel full of energy and happy! If you're not thriving, don't be afraid to just say STOP and make a change! Let go of fear and laziness, write down a goal to change your habits, let go of any addictions for 14 days, and see how you feel about those addictions after your body has had time to breathe from it.

We are all doing the best we can, we are designed to thrive, it is our birthright, and that we will do. Tonight's full moon energy will be strong, if you feel like you need change, write down what you would like to release from your world and what you would like to make room for, focus on it and again, let go of fear, just go for it!