Your Body is Both Powerful + Delicate, Don't Be Afraid to LISTEN to it, Feel it.

I have been wanting to share my thoughts on cleansing for a while now, today felt inappropriate because I am currently run down, I’ve got heavy, sore eyes, a snotty nose, mucous in my chest creating a rough as hell cough, as well as intense asthma. A punch in the stomach for someone who is usually high on life, craving winter ocean swims and softsand runs.

Up until an hour ago I felt that since I am not emanating vitality in this very moment, I have no right to advise people on health, and vitality in particular. Oh man, how that perspective has now flipped.

We spend approximately one third of our time in bed, making it a comfortable space to rest in, is invaluable.

We spend approximately one third of our time in bed, making it a comfortable space to rest in, is invaluable.

This whole week, since witnessing and having my heart broken watching one of my best friends run herself out and end up in hospital, I remembered my lesson to not attach expectations to someone else’s life path - to accept that their journey is their own, and not try to control or manipulate any situation. Just because a way of living is right for me, does not mean it is right for someone else. I therefore shifted my empathy into compassion, and in turn experienced an overwhelming sense of gratitude for having learnt through experience (and personal downfalls) to not only respect my body, but listen to it. Western pharmaceutical ways focus on eradicating symptoms,  rather than understanding what the symptoms are telling us. In doing so, we get disconnected from our body, drugs that cover up symptoms literally tell the body to be quiet. If you block a river that naturally flows, you can keep it at bay for a certain amount of time, but once the pressure builds it will eventually erupt or explode. Some of our organs based in the front of our bodies connect to muscles in the back of our body, so pain in the back can represent dis-ease in the front etc. Our bodies are these intricate, powerful vessels that are interrelated, so telling one area to keep quiet, will redirect energy into another area and eventually make it scream.  

I knew and felt last week that I reached my own limit of low sleep, and as I was getting ready for a big night of rest, unforeseen and uncontrollable events that intercepted moved me down a path of even less sleep and a certain circumstance of wearing summer clothes for a job in the middle of winter. Being used to feeling energetically high and inspired as of late, I didn’t think twice to rug up and rest up more than I was in the subsequent days. Hence, waking up unwell due to unbalanced health should have been expected, the reminder that my human body is delicate (to a certain extent) was a deep punch in my stomach.

Tonight however, after initially feeling upset with myself for having fallen ill, my perspective has flipped and I have even more gratitude for the deep connection I feel with my body and its language. I have so much compassion and love for its strength, and effort, for its pain and toil. After having a 10 second cry about a mix up between being given a chai latte instead of a long-awaited coffee (caffeine alleviates the airways when having an asthma attack), I had an almost-stranger grab my hands and lovingly shake/move around the emotions I was feeling and expressing, she reflected compassion, playfulness, and acceptance to me, when I was feeling social embarrassment, rejection of what my body naturally wanted to release, and confusion. I received, saw, and felt compassion from this almost-stranger (a customer I have interacted with a couple of times previous to today), as well as a complete stranger who wished me lots of rest, my brother + soul-sister (god-send magical timing) etc.

I received information about how asthma might have entered my life (vaccines, heavy metals straight into the blood stream, yep I’m opening this can of worms, there is no time for sugar-coating bullshit, we have future-warrior children to raise in this life).  Advice from a friend that being unwell right now does not necessarily mean I am weak, but that my body may have something to shift etc. which completely resonates.

This all in turn brings me to the point of this post. It is okay to get sick, sometimes our bodies need to flush out emotional and/or physical toxins, sometimes they need a break from digesting heavy meals in order to do this. Sometimes they just need some TLC, a sign from a complete stranger or a close friend of compassion or support in order to balance what we feel we give out. A cry for attention, some sympathy, or affection is OKAY, so long as you don’t get caught up in the story of relying on it.

I feel so much more inspired in this very moment than I did a couple of days ago when my energy levels were through the roof. Something inside of me last week was crying out, I physically emanated health, but inside emotionally I felt exhausted, I could hear and see people telling me how tired they were physically, and I had no way of communicating how tired I felt emotionally, not wanting to take any of their weight, not being able to, but also not being able to justify this socially, without appearing selfish or IN-sane – we can only ever help others thrive, when we ourselves are thriving, this is not selfish, it is smart. We are made up of mind, body + spirit: mental, physical and emotional energy. The more you tune into this, the more you understand yourself and your needs, the more you unlock your power and discover your strength. The point is to listen to your body and its needs, there is so much magic behind this relationship of communication. Don’t get caught up in negative thought patterns, the need for drama, or any sort of story, it is your birth right to emanate vibrant health, if this is what you crave then go for it! If you want a sign of community support, ask for it, if you want a sign that you’re on the right path, ask for it, but most importantly show the universe that you’re serious, and go for it!