There is a time and a place for cleansing, I believe Nature shows us a lot about how we should work with our bodies, not only does She present food to us in its perfect whole form that creates a synergy of fuel and healing in our bodies, but She also goes through Her own cleanse processes. What do you think big storms, down pours, erupting ocean waves all are? The seasons show us the polarities of life, the difference between resting, clearing, restoring/sprouting and running free. Although cleansing isn’t quite a modern day normality in Western culture that doesn’t mean that it shouldn't or never will be.

Sure there are cleanse fads circulating - companies that simply jump on the band wagon of anything that shows revenue can be made, without necessarily being authentic with their healing intentions. This happens in all industries though. Fads discredit the creative work that was spent genuinely gathering, filtering and presenting beneficial, authentic products/programs, but luckily like bad smells they usually filter out and move on.


Cleansing is not a fad, it is not a trend, it is in fact a way of life. It is also not only limited to the human body, most of us already engage in forms of cleansing like spring cleaning our home and taking our motor vehicles in for a service. We service our cars to increase their longevity and efficiency, we spring clean our homes to clear out items that are no longer serving us, that are weighing us down, we move out stagnant energy. It isn’t common to think twice about these forms of cleansing as out of the ordinary, because they are a normality in society, body cleansing once upon a time also used to be a normality. It is noted that Hippocrates, Plato, Socrates and Aristotle all engaged in cleansing/fasting in order to help the body heal, and even simply to have greater physical and mental clarity. Indian culture embraces intermittent fasting, which could involve just drinking (purified) water for one day of the week, or stopping to eat from 2pm one day and starting again either morning or noon the following day etc. 

Different types of cleanses and fasts have different objectives, usually a water or juice cleanse would be to give the digestive system a well deserved break, we spend around 70% of our energy digesting just one meal, if we eat all day, and late into the night, our body doesn’t get a break in order to navigate energy into repairing itself, it is focused on digesting and filtering. Like a car, if you don’t flush out built up oil after a while it can create a toxic environment and havoc leading to a break down.

I believe that healing should be simple and relatively inexpensive, if it is not, you have questions to ask and values to weigh. Ancient practices share simple ways of cleansing the body, a great example is a liver flush using olive oil and lemon or grapefruit juice with epsom salt water. It is so simple to complete, inexpensive, and avoids the burden of invasive surgery. There is so much free and supported information available on cleanses like the above, however so much fear still circulates them, most likely because they are not common day practice in Western Culture, as they are in others and have been in ancient times.

Our normality depends on how we are brought up, what we are taught through our own family and/or community. We only have know-ledge from what we are told and shown growing up, society presents us with so many ‘rights’ and ‘wrongs’, ‘goods’ and ‘bads’, don’t do this, do that, etc. but only you can decide what is right or wrong, based on what you want to experience. Universal Law states that like attract likes, so basically what you put out is what you will attract. If you are attracting people or situations in your life that you are not enjoying, have a deep look into the thoughts and actions you are giving out. Through experience you learn to reteach yourself what is right and what is wrong, what you should do and what you shouldn’t do, based on what you do and do not like experiencing.

If our parents never passed on knowledge about cleansing, then we not only have to educate ourselves about it, but we need to know firsthand that it works, we need to understand the hows and whys. There can be a lot of fear surrounding anything, let alone a way of life that is outside of normality, without personally knowing someone else go through a cleansing process and sharing their experience of both the benefits or challenges surrounding it, there is too much left unknown; and fear always comes with the unknown.

I was reading about liver flushes, and by the wonderful that is synchronicity, ran into a friend at an event who told me he just recently did a liver flush for the first time, and explained both the process and results. His experience and explanation of seeing lots of green gallstones come out, while being one of, if not the most food-conscious/healthy people I know was more than enough to inspire me to finally try it out. So there we go, the ball of how to simply and inexpensively flush my liver started to roll. I had 20+ green gallstones, 10 or so calcified stones come out. The second time I flushed 6 wks later, there must have been 40+ gallstones and a handful of calcified stones. My third flush last month only had a handful of gallstones come out.

I get generally more so than not, get mocked when I say I’m cleansing, told I’m squeaky clean, but the truth is I’m not, I’d be surprised if anyone living in Western culture is, because we deal with toxins on a daily basis, we have got to be one of, if not the most disconnected culture from both ourselves and our Natural world.

My first two liver flushes have been the pinnacle in my drive to rebuild my immune system, they’ve showed me that I’ve got underlying issues, even if I eat clean now, my body has dealt with 25+ years of asthma medication, heavy metals and toxic chemicals in my bloodstream from vaccines, a previous flora imbalance from having taken even just one antibiotic tablet, let alone a full round, I have had years of chlorinated and fluoride water disturb my inner balance etc. and I know what vitality feels like, so I choose that path. I choose to incorporate cleansing as a preventative lifestyle because it is so much easier cleansing rather than going through the physical pain of a forced cleanse by getting sick.

Here is another seed for thought – cleansing is not common practice because the processes are generally simple and inexpensive, which means there is no economic drive to create an industry behind cleansing and/or fasting. The health-food industry can be said to be just as profit-driven as the pharmaceutical industry, with different approaches on how best to heal the body, that is why being in tune with your intuition and using your own personal filters for information is important, or at least finding a mentor who’s values are inline with your own, that you can trust for guidance.

My purpose is to share information, not to drive anyone down any path. Surgery, pills or a cleanse is a personal choice, and the choice needs to align with your own journey in this life, it is my intention however, to share information and help eradicate the negative connotation behind cleansing, so that the health and healing game becomes more fair, so that more people can make informed decisions on which path to choose. I am not advocating that everyone needs to cleanse or fast, but I do believe that it needs to be better understood so that people who incorporate it into their lifestyle can be shown compassion and encouragement rather than apprehension and ridicule.