We often get asked what kind of a cleanse we think people should do to help them feel better, or for a restart. Before any cleanse, or before taking herbs, supplements, eliminating foods etc. think about what we need as human beings first and foremost, and look at ways to ensure a high quality consumption of them:

1. air - without breath we die, we can survive very little time without breathing, indoor plants help puriffy the air, regular trips to the moutains and ocean also help us get nice doses of clean, energising air

2. water - after air, water is the second most crucial element that we need, and although we live in cities with toxic chemicals (specifically synthetic fluoride) and gut flora destroying chlorine, on one hand we are fortunate to have access to running water and such an expansive range of filtering systems to clear out as much toxins as possible. Even people living off something like rain water can benefit from filtering and increasing the average 6.0pH level. Our current desire is the live somewhere where we can pump water from a fresh water creek and shower in rain water, in doing that however we would still filter our drinking water, not from heavy metals, synthetic fluoride and chlorine (like you have to in city/town water supplies), but from pathogens and bacteria, the saying 'get a filter or be a filter' resonates so much, it's not a burden it's just a matter of getting educated and making decisions based on your life values/the quality of life you wish to enjoy.

3. food - the less synthetic chemicals our bodies need to filter on a daily basis, the more it can run in its optimum level of vibrant health / vitality. Avoiding food laced with pesticides, herbicides, synthetic fertilisers and/ or heavily processed from their natural state, means less burden for our organs and entire digestive system. The human body is strong, and powerful, I am sure some people can handle eating processed diets, and have the ability to filter our synthetic chemicals, however it all comes down to the quality of life - how to you feel? How happy are you, how vibrant is your energy? Do you wake up with that inspiration for life? Fly a little when out in the elements of Nature?

Choose your battles, if you can eliminate some of the work load by using a filter, or purchasing organic, then why not?! Most of us are here to enjoy a happy, healthy life ultimately, right? 


WATER PURIFIERS the most economical, quality water purifier that we have come across are these ceramic water purifiers, choose Fluoride Plus if you live in an area that added synthetic fluoride to the drinking water, or the Royal Dolton if living in areas without fluoride, these are also good for filtering rain water!

Next level water filtering system would be a water ioniser, we all use a Kangen K8 in our home, they are fantastic, and if you're someone who buys bottled water, one of these will save you money in the long run and the effort of lugging around plastic bottled water from store to your home!