Kangen Water® is delicious water created from Enagic®'s innovative water technology, developed in Japan. The devices produce alkaline, ionised, micro-clustered water. By the process of electrolysis, all alkaline minerals held in the water being filtered are drawn towards one plate, while all the acid elements such as chlorine, fluoride, and heavy metals are drawn to the other plate. The acid water is dispensed out of one tube to be disposed of, and the alkaline 'alive' water out of another, for consumption.


Microwater has been proven to penetrate the cell membranes easily, entering into cell components, and effectively hydrating the body, back to how natural running water from a fresh spring would (before it is bottled, sitting stagnant and losing its life force in plastic bottles, on a supermarket shelf for who knows how long).

Here is more information on what Kangen devices do and why microwater is so powerful for our vitality from 'The Tao of Detox' by Daniel Reid:

The microwater technology does three main things to water:
Alkalize By eliminating every molecule of acid while retaining all alkaline minerals, it alkalizes the water with beneficial minerals. These alkaline elements serve two functions: they neutralize acids and thereby restore proper pH balance to the blood and tissues, and they mineralize the cells with beneficial alkaline minerals in ionized micro-cluster form.
Ionize Electrolysis ionizes the water molecules as well as the minerals with an extra electorn, giving them a negative charge and turning them into potent antioxidants that scavenge free radicals troughout the body. Free radicals are highly reactive toxic particles produced in the body as by-products of metabolism, as well as by chemical contamination from pollutants in food, water and air. These aggressive molecular fragments chip particles from cell walls and react with bodily fluids, producing more free radicals in an escalating chain reaction that causes structural damage to internal organs, joints, skin and other bodily tissues. Negative ions immobilise free radicals by attaching to them and neutralizing their positive charge, allowing them to be flushed out of the body. Negative ions also charge each water molecule with strong anti-toxin properties that enable it to neutralize and carry away positively charged toxic molecules in the blood and tissues. 
Micro-cluster This technology also breaks the alkaline minerals and the water itself into smaller micro-clusters, so that they pass more easily and swiftly into the cells and tissues to hydrate, alkalize, mineralize and detoxify the body. Ordinary water clumps in clusters of about 12 molecules each, while microwater is restructured into clusters of only 5 - 6 molecules. Similarly, the alkaline ionized minerals are reduced to smaller molecular clusters, so that they too pass easily into the cells to re-mineralize them.
There are many good reasons to get one of these units and use it for all of your water requirements both at home and at work, including cooking, making coffee and tea, and preparing ice cubes. During a detox programme, drinking microwater is a great way to neutralize and flush out all the toxins and acids that drain from the tissues and bodily fluids, and to quickly rehydrate the body and keep the blood alkaline. If you use microwater for all your drinking and cooking requirements at home, it provides you with an ongoing mini-detox each and every day.
Reid, D 2003, pp 44, 45  (The Tao of Detox)

Just one week on 9.5 pH water showed signs of our body detoxing by strong coloured and odoured urine, we also noticed we were drinking more water yet having the urge to pee less frequently (if you drink a lot and pee a lot/have very clear urine, you may not be absorbing your water properly). We also noticed we enjoyed drinking the water, the taste was pleasant and there was no 'pooling' or bloating feeling from drinking too much, like we have experienced in the past from tap water, or even bottled water! 

It really is something you have to try to believe!