What Life Is Like 11 Days After My 30 Day Juice Cleanse

Beyond grateful for the path I am currently on, and for having the strength and willpower to create change!

Beyond grateful for the path I am currently on, and for having the strength and willpower to create change!

A 30 day juice cleanse is said to restore dis-ease such a Chrohn's dis-ease, IBS (a bullshit term in my opinion, not to take away from anyone suffering from this, I just believe it is a generalised term given by Western practitioners who cannot recognise the actual cause of someone's illness, so instead of working out what it going on from a holistic perspective, a lot of digestive disorders that cannot be 'cured' by a 'miracle pill' get categorised into this). I was told I had IBS in my early twenties, none of it resonated so I ignored the term and cleaned up my diet, started eating wholefoods according to my blood type and my poor digestion improved significantly. A 30 day juice cleanse is also said to clear up other dis-eases associated with an over acidic body. Most dis-eases in my opinion are formed by a low immune system and internal acidic environment, as no internal pathogens can survive in an oxygenated and alkaline system, once we get ourselves out of balance it takes quite a bit of effort to restore the balance - a 30 days juice cleanse speeds up this process in my opinion, it gives the body 30 days of high alkaline minerals, dense nutrients to support the immune system, and takes the weight off the digestive system and filter organs, so the body can spend energy healing, rather than digesting. I believe life is all about balance, we need a balance of clearing and restoring, cleansing and nurturing, if we weren't taught to integrate a gentle balance of these polarities from our teenage years, we may reach a point where more extreme measures are needed, in order to rejoin the gentle every day balanced lifestyle of vibrant health.

During my last year of university at 25 I went significantly down hill again with my digestion, most likely from a combination of physical, mental + emotional stress – pulling frequent all-nighters, taking no-dose caffeine tablets to help get me through the all-nighters, overworking myself, drinking reverse osmosis water (mineral deficient/dead water, the WORST kind of water filtering system if you don't at least re-mineralise the water, learnt that one the hard way through experience), break up from my first boyfriend of four years (emotionally stressful for all involved), trying to have life all worked out and under control before even living it enough etc. I found myself back on a path of weak digestion,  I lost a lot of weight during that year, went down a full dress size, my face was sunken, my hair was thinning out, and even started to be dry and straw like shortly after, plus some other physical signs of a weak immune system, such as low gut flora, and then two years later I caught a specific virus that would completely crash the world I knew down into pieces, but which further showed me that I was out of balance physically, and therefore most likely emotionally and mentally too (that's a story for a book or two though I'd say)!

So last winter once I finally learnt what it means to surrender, to stop trying to have everything under control, I started working on connecting to my intuition more, through meditation and seeing an energy healer – I slowly started witnessing the MAGIC of life, and miracles, which simply means something the logical mind cannot comprehend. Feathers started appearing along my path (also indoors without any open windows or doors!) I started seeing the world symbolically, a whole new layer to life, interpreting and experiencing it! By connecting to my intuition I was guided to do a three month parasite cleanse, which meant a process of reclaiming my power and eliminating all interference (physical pathogens as well as mental + emotional patterns that were no longer serving me for my highest good). I had no idea that I actually had physical parasites, but I had a specific virus that I wanted to clear, and if I worked at clearing that, I would also simultaneously clear out parasites and candida too! (BONUS!)

That parasite cleanse was such an intense yet empowering journey, I plan to write up my protocol and share it one day, but for now it seems more relevant to focus on the 30 day juice cleanse information.

The parasite cleanse started me on a completely new path, after it my body physically started to thrive, I could see I was actually absorbing my nutrients, I regained some healthy curves after being extremely skinny for quite a few years, my hair started looking more lush, and I just felt so much stronger and happier in general! I cleared out the virus, which made me feel so empowered and taught me to live life with less fear! This winter I still had some physical signs of a low immune system, my digestion was a lot better after the parasite cleanse, but it still wasn't as powerful as it could be, and I caught the virus I cleared out last winter again (another story there/I had some more lessons to learn around it, I've actually had a lot of clarity of the mental and emotional lessons clearing it this round, which is ultra empowering, so no regrets!)

11 days after coming off my juice cleanse I have the most powerful digestive system I have ever had!! I can break down foods I couldn't handle before, I felt like bree cheese one dinner and lunch, ate it and everything was fine, I actually felt satisfied and full from it! Whenever I attempted to eat bree before I would get a sore bloated stomach and gassy (come on, no time or room for human body embarrassment - the more you talk about bodily functions the more you'll learn that almost EVERYONE in Western society has some sort of digestive weakness, unless they have done the work to restore balance). I am also fine at breaking down beans, rice + oats (all of these were too acidic and too tough for me to break down previously). The freedom of eating what my body feels like eating, and digesting it without any upset is SO rewarding, I'm beyond thankful for this new strength, comfort within my own body, and freedom from stress about what foods I can and cannot eat! I also appear to get full and more importantly satisfied much easier after eating - I find once I hit my limit with food I'm done, whereas before I could keep going, it was like the full button would get hit but the satisfied button wouldn't frequently get hit, so I would frequently overeat, trying to hit that button.

Along with the physical digestive system improvements, I also had some BEAUTIFUL light bulb moments about what emotions and mental patterns have been blocking me from enjoying the abundance that this Earth has to offer. I have understood more about who I am, and what I have incarnated in this life to do and give (essentially understood more about my Life Path/Soul Path). It is so empowering knowing my Soul Path, and choosing to follow it, with a lot less fear or worry about the unknown. During the last week of my 30 day juice cleanse I also reached a point of absolute bliss, where I had similar light bulb moments and felt an intense, overflowing sensation of peace that resonated all through me, about past decisions I made, specifically based around how I caught that virus (twice), and also about a recent relationship that shook the Earth from below my feet (because of attached expectations and storytelling).

Summed up, the 30 day juice cleanse has had a profound impact on my quality of life, I'm only 11 days out of it, but for EVERYTHING I have experienced so far I would do it again if I reached the same point I was at when I first started it. It took me 12 months to get the courage to just do it, and yes it was hard work going through it, it took commitment and a lot of time on my own (alone / all one), but to be experiencing life how I am now, it was more than worth it. In sharing my story I intend to release more fear around the concept of cleansing, and to support anyone who is considering an extended cleanse in order to restore their own balance in life. My added advice is to check in with yourself (specifically your intuition/Higher Self) throughout it, or find a holistic healer who has a strong connection with their own intuition to assist and guide you along it, and do not put any extra pressure on yourself, set goals but take each day as it comes, know your intention behind the cleanse and adjust your lifestyle to support extra rest and alone (all one) time.

Here's to an Earth filled with balanced, loving human beings, enjoying their natural state of vibrant health. May we make way for a following generation of Earth Warriors, not here to battle, but here to thrive in all Earth has to offer!

All my love, Sarah.

High on life (and deeply grateful), with my senses amplified out in Nature one week after my 30 day juice cleanse!
Before my parasite cleanse versus a couple of months after the parasite cleanse!