When it comes to nuts and seeds, activating essentially means 'waking up', the process is to simply soak them in water, which removes the enzyme inhibitor, which is in place to prevent the nuts and seeds from sprouting prematurely in Nature, and is hard both tough on our digestive systems and prevents us from being able to absorb the complete amount of nutrients each nut and seed offer.

However this does not mean that you need to fork out lots of dollars in order to help your digestive system out - it just means you may need to remember to soak your almonds before going to bed, so they are nice and awake once you are too in the morning!

When you see packets of activated nuts on the shelf of health-food stores, and their pretty hefty price tag, that is because the nuts have both been soaked, and then dehydrated. If you leave your nuts soaking for too long they will start to get mouldy, so in order to package and sell activated nuts, merchants have to dehydrate them to remove any moisture that will cause mould to grow. This added process of dehydrating the nuts is what cause those little packets to cost triple the price of Nature's nuts and seeds.

When at home, there is no need to buy activated nuts, you can avoid the high price tag by soaking them yourself. See previous post on suggested soaking times. If you don't have time to use your nuts/seeds in the morning,simply soak them in a glass jar overnight and in the morning give them a rinse, and place fresh water in the jar to take with you (make sure they are submerged in the water to avoid getting mouldy), then simply drain at your workplace when you are ready to eat them. 

I think I've bought two packets of activated mixed nuts in my life so far, don't get me wrong, they taste fantastic - but I haven't felt much need to pay someone else to soak my almonds for me, when it's such a simple process.