How to be happy exactly where you are is all about perspective, this time of year in NSW, Australia we have delved into our cold and rainy season, nothing seems to be more uncomfortable than wet and cold weather together. Throughout life it is so important to check in with yourself and know that only you can live your life path, hence comparing your life to someone else’s will leave you with an unsettling feeling, because what is right for one person isn’t necessarily right for another. I believe we come into this life with a mission that only we can fulfil –it is our gift to share with the world, our individual essence, just like a flower who absorbs the rain, nutrients from the soil, fuel from the sun, and then when the time is right releases a beautiful fragrance into the world (some might perceive the scent as beautiful, and others horrid, the same goes for humans, our gifts will please some and repel others, it’s the Nature of this world that works as a vortex, governed by the Universal Law of Attraction).

Social media can be a beautiful tool for inspiration and a fast/easy way to communicate with others, but it can also be destructive depending on how it is used and perceived. I had to catch myself the other day after spending time on instagram seeing quite a few friends overseas soaking up warm, golden summer rays, living in almost no clothes, and leaving the beach salty skinned – one of my most favourite feelings in this world in to be salty skinned on the beach in the sun, in pretty much no clothes! I started wondering what on Earth am I doing in a rainforest where the sunlight dies before 5pm, it’s cold outside and the rain hasn’t stopped for more than a couple of hours this entire week! I jumped online and started looking at flights OUT OF HERE! Then I remembered I have a puppy who I couldn’t leave, and I actually didn’t want to leave! I started to realise that I don’t really want to go overseas in this exact moment, I have been enjoying my time playing with this beautiful puppy, watching him grow, having long sleep ins and reading a few books that have been on my to-read list since last summer! All of a sudden I have an abundance of time, without any social commitments, and I haven’t been quite sure how to handle that, it's a new feeling... and seeing photos of friends overseas soaking up the sun made me think I should be doing too! BUT then I checked in with myself, and my personal needs, and naturally my perspective switched. I realised I am in a rainforest, sitting in warm rainwater baths aromatised with beautiful, soothing essential oils, listening to rain drops on the window sill, I have been gently detoxing my body using clays, and nourishing it with big vegetable juices, smoothies, teas and soups! When the rain does stop for a moment, I take myself out into the lush green forest with my puppy and two other beautiful Kelpie’s, collect sticks to dry out under cover and burn in the fireplace…. I find time to read on the back deck that overlooks trees, all while listening to either rain drops or the birds. I’ve seen a wallaby in my tracks, and had birds fly onto the deck to greet me, my gosh I am actually in love with my life at the moment, nothing is missing and I have no lack, but if I didn't check in with my own life values and what I am accomplishing right now, I would be in a different boat, one ruled by lack and unhappiness! Yes it is cold, and yes it gets dark early, but I have had more sleep in the past week than I probably have all together in the past five years (exaggerating but you get the idea), my skin doesn’t have that summer bronze glow to it, but it has this iron-rich-lots-of-sleep rejuvenated look to it, and I feel fantastic! I’m excited for spring to bloom, but currently content experiencing a winter lifestyle that is naturally fulfilling my personal health needs of rest and gentle detox. I’m enjoying making fires in the fire place, drinking clay water before bed, stepping out of the covers only to jump back in most mornings, for another roll around in the warmth and softness of my bed covers, warming myself up (and helping my gentle detox along) by soaking in steamy rainwater baths are all part of my winter bliss. They show me that I am exactly where I need to be for my life path. Nurturing, and gently detoxing, sleeping more, so my body can spend energy restoring itself, which has been something I have overlooked for many years. Basically spending time rebalancing myself and restoring my depleted energy levels from years in the fast-paced city working on multiple projects and jobs. Rest is a vital element to restoring the yin, female energy essence, and therefore a crucial element for vitality, and living a balanced, healthy life.

Thank you perspective!