VETIVER – essential oil

I get asked about this scent all the time, it comes with me everywhere I go because I wear it in my hair. It not only grounds and comforts me, but it has a way of enticing my sense of wellbeing, and adding a hint of invigoration for life. It also helps keep my split ends under control. If you haven't heard of it, now you have, Vetiver, a powerful healing essential oil, nicknamed the “oil of tranquility”—has been used for centuries by various people and cultures.

Vetiver oil was originally used primarily for its varied healing properties; today, its uses go much further than that, also providing emotional and spiritual benefits to many. Vetiver oil’s calming properties have been effective with children and minors and providing people of all ages with a clear and revitalised mindset.

The oil is extracted, through a very particular and lengthy process, from the roots of the grass-like vetiver plant native to India. Its musty scent is a distinct combination of earthy and citrusy tones.

I personally place a couple of drops into the palms of my hands and work through towel dried hair, it is said to help manage split ends.

Other suggested uses include:

• Mix 1 drop of Vetiver oil with 3 drops of carrier oil and apply to a freshly washed face to help cleanse the skin 

• Massage 1-2 drops of Vetiver oil over the heart center to ground the body 

• Add 1-2 drops of Vetiver oil to your lotion and apply normally to add moisture to dry skin and help reduce the appearance of stretch marks, cellulite, and wrinkles 

• Diffuse Vetiver oil in an Améo diffuser to promote a feeling of relaxation 

• Rub 1-2 drops of Vetiver oil into palms and inhale, or apply to your shirt collar, to promote a sense of balance 

• Place 1-2 drops of Vetiver oil on your pillow before bed to promote more relaxation