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Palo Santo comes from magical trees found along the coast of South America, the name can be translated as ‘holy wood’. It is wild crafted – sourced from dead trees or fallen branches, and valued for its medicinal and aura cleansing properties. The essential oil naturally present in the wood is a pleasant scent of sweet pine and citrus. The scent resonates with something deep inside, deeper than your logical mind will comprehend. It is calming, comforting, grounding, yet uplifting, inspiring and overall powerfully healing! It is related to Frankincense, Myrrh and Copal.


Palo Santo can be burnt to both clear and ground the energy of a person, space, or thing. It creates a soothing atmosphere, which is both healing and inspiring. It raises personal vibrations in preparation for meditation or deep, blissful sleep.


Traditionally it has been used to relieve the symptoms of the common cold, flu, asthma, headaches, depression, anxiety, general stress, emotional conflict and inflammation. The smoke also works well in repelling mosquitoes and other flying insects. 

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Light with a flame for 30 – 60seconds, blow out the flame and move the smoke from the stick in a beautiful, harmonious clockwise direction, feel the movement, be present and mindful, support your work with a clear intention of what you would like to fill your space (aura) with i.e. calm, clarity, love, vibrant health, abundance, white light etc.

When finished place the stick on fireproof space and it will naturally stop burning, unless you blow on the embers, which will keep it alight.

These Palo Santo sticks have come from their native home, Ecuador, and then assembled and labelled in Australia.