about 51 raw

51raw is a brother sister team rediscovering human health through a balance of wholefoods and connecting with Nature. We intend to emanate vitality. We are a lifestyle brand with an online platform to share our research and own experience of healing through organic wholefoods and cleansing techniques.

Vitality is not about being vegan, vegetarian or a meat eater. Vitality comes from educating ourselves, learning to eat wholefoods direct from Nature, about trying out different lifestyles and following the one that resonates, the one that lights you up, makes you feel energetic and full of life. Plant-based lifestyle works for us, we plan to share why and how, but you're on your own journey so you need to choose what works for you. Our main goal is to educate. Help people let go of fear and regain their power, to live life full of energy and harmony. We acknowledge that we are all doing the best that we can. The more informed we are, the better our choices are.

51raw is our metaphor for a happy balance between raw nutrition and cooked temptation. Dr Paul Kouchakoff completed a clinical case study in 1930, demonstrating that raw food, and food cooked at a very minimal temperature does not burden our immune system – based on the presence of leukocytes, white blood cells, in the blood, also known as leukocytosis.

In this modern world our immune systems are constantly being exhausted by toxic processed food that have flooded our current food industries, so the benefits of organic raw fruit and vegetables these days are unparalleled. 

We are aware that modern day temptation for cooked and processed food is constantly presented to us and therefore is important to keep in mind, if you get so caught up in striving for ultimate health that you become either antisocial or stressed about being healthy, that level of mental and emotional stress is just as toxic as physical stress (processed foods). So don’t go cold turkey keep in mind what makes you happy and choose that. Strive for vitality but keep your happy balance, if that is your cup of coffee or croissant a day then so be it (the more you update your diet to that of organic wholefoods from Nature, the more artificial cravings appear to naturally fall away). This is a huge aspect of our philosophy to 51raw, maintaining your happy balance in life.

51raw est. 2014