We are not offering medical advice, simply sharing remedies that we have researched, completed ourselves, and found to be beneficial. We are all unique so not every remedy will work the same for everyone, or be suitable for everyone. Please take into consideration the weather, season, how you feel emotionally, and allow enough time for rest and restoration during any remedy. How you prepare your body and mind before a cleanse, and nurture them during and after a cleanse is vital.




This recipe has been taken from 'The Tao of Detox, The Natural Way to Purify Your Body for Health and Longevity', by Daniel Reid. We highly recommend this book.


2 x 1L glass bottles with lid

2 L purified or spring water (don't use tap water as it is ridden with heavy metals and synthetic chemicals)

12 g (approx 1 metric tablespoon) of magnesium chloride

8g of Celtic sea salt


Fill one of the bottles with 1L purifier or spring water, and add the magnesium chloride, mix well.

Fill the other bottle with 1L purified or spring water, and add the Celtic sea salt, mix well.


Mix one part of the salt solution with five parts of the magnesium solution and three or four parts of your favourite fruit or vegetable juice, herbal tea or plain water, to make one full cup (250ml). Drink one cup in the morning and another in the evening for a period of 10 - 15 days, in order to correct conditions related to magnesium deficiency, and as a support for any detox programme. For ordinary use as a daily dietary supplement, one glass in the morning is sufficient.

(An easier process of measuring for me is to fill a cup with just over half with plain water, then top the rest up with the magnesium solution and add a splash of the salt solution and drink).



Please check with your holistic health carer that magnesium supplementation will not interfere with any current health condition.