We are not offering medical advice, simply sharing remedies that we have researched, completed ourselves, and found to be beneficial. We are all unique so not every remedy will work the same for everyone, or be suitable for everyone. Please take into consideration the weather, season, how you feel emotionally, and allow enough time for rest and restoration during any remedy. How you prepare your body and mind before a cleanse, and nurture them during and after a cleanse is vital.



This has worked for staphylococcus (staph) infection that saw persistent blister breakouts across the legs.

Best completed before bed, your body will heal as you sleep:

Using clean hands and utensils cut a slice of organic onion (peel off the skin), then lay it on top of your blister. You may want to cover with a piece of organic cotton wool and gentle tape to hold it in place. Wearing soft, natural fibre (breathable) clothing to cover the area while you sleep will help keep the onion and taped cotton wool in place while you sleep. This is not vital though unless you make big movements in your sleep which might cause the tape to become undone. Remove the onion in the morning and discard. The blister should be healed by morning, if not repeat the following night/s until cleared up. Remember to wash your hands with warm salty (or soapy) water and use a separate fresh towel each time you you come into contact with the area of the blister/s.