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An initial 14 day raw food cleanse started our path of vitality, it gave us a massive boost of new found energy and strengthened our immune systems, which has been obvious through avoiding the common cold, the flu and gaining a decent surge of everyday energy and joy for life. It also changed our sense of taste and general meal habits, to the point of craving big salads for dinner, even in winter.

Why Cleanse?

The conventional Western diet has accumulated more acidic and processed foods in every day life, than our bodies can handle, there is an over consumption of non-fibrous foods like meat, dairy, and white flours, which do not appear to be balanced adequately with enough of the good fibrous foods such as fresh fruit, vegetables, nuts, and seeds. Fibre is es- sential to help push out stagnant food which can build up and become toxic in our body.

Our immune systems are already under strain by breathing air and drinking water laced with pollutants, so eating conventional foods ruled by pesticides and herbicides mean we are constantly trying to fight off toxins, which are poisonous elements burdening our immune systems.

Going on a cleanse is to humans what a spring clean is to a home, and a service to a car – it’s maintenance. You help your body clear out con- gested toxins by giving the digestive system a break.

The main downfall for health is stress, this can be physical (chemical ridden food, polluted air, polluted water, lack of sleep, alcohol, drugs) or emotional (worry, overthinking, negative thoughts) – all of these factors weaken our immune system and if they are not balanced by elements that strengthen our immune system, we see dis-ease unfold. So cleansing is not only a way of re-energising our systems, it is also a measure to help prevent disease.

What is RAW?

Raw food means wholefoods in their closest form to how Nature delivers them, with minimal processing and not heated above approximately 38 degrees celsius. You can get raw meat and raw dairy products, but we do not recommend them on this cleanse. We believe a plant-based raw food diet cleanse is more healing, as meat and dairy are both acidic and non-fibrous foods, whether you choose to introduce them into your everyday diet after this cleanse is up to you, we are all unique so you are the only person who can make the decision on what serves you best.

Is this Raw Food Diet Cleanse for you?

We are all unique, not every lifestyle will work the same for everyone. Raw food works wonders for us, and a strict raw food diet cleanse really gave us a new spark to life, so all we say is to stick to it for 14 days and see how you feel after it.  You might choose to stray back to cooked food, and come back to raw food at a later stage in life, or find a way to balance either each meal, or each day with 51 percent raw, and 49 percent cooked.

Importance of Organic Produce

Please try to keep your food organic, a raw food diet starts to detoxify your body, by clearing out stored toxins, so the last thing you need is to be putting synthetic (toxic) chemicals straight back into your system as your body works to clear stored toxicity out.

If pesticides and herbicides are designed to destroy insects and other organisms, imagine what they are doing to your delicate organs.

You can do it and we’re here to help

Why specifically Raw Food?

Cooking food kills the live enzymes, which we need in order to digest it, forcing the pancreas to create its own enzymes AND digest your food. By eating according to a raw food diet, you put less burden on your digestive system, allowing your body to spend more energy on other essential functions.

‘Without the burden of digesting cooked food, enzymes are free to roam around the body, repairing damaged cells, enhancing the immune system, and protecting the body from disease and toxicity’ Clark, C. 2008

When food gets cooked, the first nutrient damaged is fibre, so by keeping everything raw and whole in its natural state ensures all of the fibre is still intact, which gets our digestive systems moving efficiently. Raw food diets have higher water content than cooked food diets, which is hydrating and helps both our kidneys and our skin immensely. A raw food diet becomes a routine of eating for instant energy, it does not weigh you down like cooked food can.

Understanding food terms

Organic Farming production of food without the use of synthetic chemicals or genetically modified elements.

Certified Organic from an organic farm that has been following

organic regulations for three or more years. Has been grown, harvested, stored and transported without the use of synthetic chemicals, fumigants or irradiation.

Biodynamic a type of organic farming which emphasises ecological harmony and environmental sustainability. Biodynamic food is grown with particular composts, preparations and natural activating substances.

Chemical Free food farmed without the use of synthetic pesticides and fertilisers, but may still use synthetic herbicides.