This creamy cacao smoothie has been super charges by the king of medicinal mushrooms, chaga, and the balancing and energising effects of maca! Has to be tried!

SMOOTHIES- Creamy Cacao, Chaga + Maca Banana Smoothie


2 organic frozen bananas

1 handfull of activated cashews

1 tbsp maca powder

1 tbsp raw cacao powder

1 tsp chaga medicinal mushroom powder

1/2 - 1 tbsp raw Australian honey

1 tbsp psyllium husk

1 tbsp cocoa nibs (sprinkled on top to serve)

400ml purified water

A handful of ice


Blend all the purified water with the cashews, until a smooth creamy consistency forms. Then, add all other ingredients except the cacoa nibs, blend until smooth, pour into your drinking glass and sprinkle the cacao nibs on top. Enjoy!