A creamy, power bomb this combination is!

SMOOTHIES (body scrub)- Hemp, Mana, Banana Mend


2 bananas (peeled + pre-frozen, otherwise use 1 fresh + 1 handful of ice)

1 tbsp mana powder

1 tbsp hemp protein powder

2 tbsp pre-soaked (4 hours) or activated pumpkin seeds

2 tbsp desiccated coconut

1 tbsp cold-press coconut oil

1.5 cups purified water


If not using already activate pumpkin seeds, then pre-soak pumpkin seeds at least 4 hours before using. You can soak them overnight if that's easier.


Empty out the water from the the pre-soaked pumpkin seeds and give them a rinse. 

Pour water into blender, add pumpkin seeds and coconut oil. Blend until a smooth consistency forms, then add banana and desiccated coconut, blend again until a smooth consistency forms, and then add in the hemp and mana powder, and blend just long enough do they are well combined with the other ingredients.

NOTE hemp powder is only legally sold as a cosmetic product in Australia, it is currently in the process of being legalised. As yet it cannot legally be sold as a food product. Considering we rarely put anything on our skin that we cannot eat, and the fact that it is a complete protein with all 10 amino acids, including high levels of Lysine, we’ve decided to create a smoothie (in order to use as a BODY SCRUB).