A salt flush is designed to literally wash out the digestive system and colon. Salt water is said to have the same consistency as our blood, and therefore does not get absorbed by the body, rather it goes in and pretty much straight back out. It is said to aid people with fluid retention, so don’t be worried about holding onto it, if by chance your body does not release the water, you are most likely in need of the trace minerals from the salt – it could also be a sign that you are dehydrated or salt deficient, as it is salt which regulates the body hydration (good salt such as celtic sea salt, Himalayan salt, non processed sea salt etc. NOT TABLE SALT, table salt has been heat-treated which changes the chemical structure of it and the way our body therefore responds to it, it is also usually mixed with caking agents and preservatives! The way the body responds to table salt indicates that it really should be labelled as a poison not a food product).



It is best to complete a salt flush first thing in the morning on an empty stomach.


1 L purified lukewarm water (this makes it closer to body temperature)

+ 1tbsp good salt (celtic sea salt, non-processed sea salt or Himalayan salt)


Drink the whole litre of salt water within 10 minutes. It may take you a couple of times to get used to drinking the solution. Our mind creates resistance, if you ease the mind and breathe, knowing that the procedure is healing, it will be much easier to relax and drink the salt water.

After drinking the salt water, take some time to rest, meditate, read, do some soft yoga or stretches. As soon as you feel any kind of bowel movement, you need to go straight to the toilet, don’t try to hold it! It generally can take anywhere between 15mins to 2 hours for the salt flush to come out of your body.

For the whole process you need a good amount of time, generally at least two hours but allow a minimum of 3 just in case, to be home and close to a toilet.