We are not offering medical advice here, simply sharing remedies we have researched, completed ourselves, and found to be beneficial. 


Using pharmaceutical thrush treatment cream will kill both the good and bad bacteria, so short-term the treatment is good and will clear up the infection, but long-term you may do more damage than good. This is because by killing the good bacteria, the immune-system gets compromised and there is no defence against bad bacteria, the absence of good bacteria, automatically creates an environment for bad bacteria to flourish unless you instantly re-boot your system with probiotics and a more alkaline diet in order for them to thrive. Bad bacteria, especially candida is an opportunist, at the very moment the immune system is weakened they find a way to thrive. And considering candida lives in different parts of the body, by clearing it out in the vagina, does not necessarily mean that it gets cleared from the entire body. With the common Western diet, keeping a more alkaline pH environment can be tricky, so once good bacteria are killed, they are very hard to build up again. Just like the immune system, once it has been compromised, it is a lengthy process to get back up and thriving. 

A natural alternative to pharmaceutical creams, is garlic which does not kill good bacteria. 


Only use organic, Australian-grown garlic. All imported garlic gets fumigated, conventional garlic contains herbicides and pesticides and therefore are laced with toxic chemicals, which especially when placing inside the body will have a harmful effect.

Garlic is naturally antibacterial and anti-fungal, it does not interfere with good bacteria.


This process is best done before bed. 

Activate 1 - 2 cloves (place flat side of knife onto garlic clove and gently press down until the clove is slightly smashed but does not break apart)

After approx. 1 - 2 mins, cut each clove in half, if doing this for the first time start with only 1 clove and see how you go.

With clean hands place the garlic inside the vagina, not too far up as you will need to remove the garlic in the morning. 

Rest for the evening and remove the garlic first thing in the morning.

NOTE: You may experience some discharge as the garlic kills off the candida and clears it from the vagina, if so it could be a good idea to either lay down a towel on your bed or alternatively wear underwear with a liner.

You will taste the garlic even though you are not eating it.



Mix high quality tea tree oil with some coconut oil and apply on the skin - using a high quality tea tree such as Coraki, will not cause much of a sting when applied, a lower grade may contain alcohol and therefore painfully sting the already irritated area, if this happens rinse with cool water and pat dry with a clean towel.

This has worked to clear athlete's foot when applied to the feet day and night, as well as mild vaginal thrush.

When applying to the outside of the vagina, it can sometimes create an intense odour, so best to apply before bed, after showering (rinse with water and pat dry, do not use soap on the irritated area), apply the oil combination and sleep without any underwear or restricting garments (you may like to sleep on top of a towel). Rinse off again in the morning and pat dry, re-apply depending on how you feel, if it is very mild or you have a social day and are concerned with the odour then simply wait to re-apply at night before bed once again. I found two - three days of this method (day and night application) cleared a mild case of thrush for me, if thrush is a frequent occurrence, there may be a gut bacteria imbalance, however I find generally with a new lover exchanging bacteria can upset my own balance until we spend enough time building a new balance of our bacteria together

NOTE: when we kiss people, we exchange bacteria, the mouth holds a lot of bacteria, so does our skin! So there is no wonder that our genitals also contain bacteria, some being very beneficial for our wellbeing and others not, nothing to be feared as everything can be fixed and re-balanced, but it is important to be aware in order to heal any imbalances as early as possible. Our overall wellbeing can be highly effected by the wellbeing and how we feel about our sacred genitals.