Why Raw Food...?

Cooking food kills the live enzymes which we need in order to digest it, forcing the pancreas to create its own enzymes AND digest the food. By eating raw food we put less burden on our digestive system, allowing our body to spend more energy on other essential functions.


‘Without the burden of digesting cooked food, enzymes are free to roam around the body, repairing damaged cells, enhancing the immune system, and protecting the body from disease and toxicity’ Clark, C. 2008


When food gets cooked, the first nutrient damaged is fibre, by keeping everything raw and whole in its natural state ensures all of the fibre is still intact, which gets our digestive systems moving efficiently. Raw food also has higher water content than cooked food does, which is hydrating and helps both our kidneys and our skin immensely. Eating raw becomes a routine of eating for instant energy, it does not weigh you down like cooked food can.